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Principles Electric proudly extends its exceptional electrical services across the Phoenix Metro area, covering a vast expanse from Gold Canyon to Cave Creek and beyond. With a commitment to quality and expertise, we provide comprehensive electrical solutions for residential, commercial, and community projects. Whether you're in need of new construction wiring, intricate custom home electrical installations, or community-wide electrical setups, our skilled team delivers top-notch services tailored to your specific requirements. Trust Principles Electric for reliable and innovative electrical solutions, serving the diverse needs of Phoenix's vibrant communities.


  • Home Renovations: Revitalize your home with cutting-edge renovations that merge style and efficiency seamlessly. Our expertise encompasses integrating modern fixtures, elevating your space with luxurious appliances, and harnessing the power of solar panels for sustainable energy. When it comes to modern fixtures, we focus on sleek designs and smart technology, ensuring your home is not only beautiful but also intuitively functional.


  • Multi Family Housing: Principles Electric stands at the forefront of multifamily housing projects in Phoenix Metro, showcasing an impressive portfolio ranging from intimate 9-unit residences to expansive 500-unit complexes. Our expertise extends beyond traditional electrical services; we excel in comprehensive project execution. From intricate wiring solutions to the precise installation of lighting fixtures, both indoors and outdoors, we ensure every detail is meticulously crafted.pact.


  • Custom Home New Builds: Our projects redefine modern living from the ground up. With a meticulous focus on exceptional wiring, we ensure the backbone of your home is secure, reliable, and ready for the future. Our commitment to efficiency means not just saving energy but optimizing every aspect of your home's electrical system. From lighting to appliances, we prioritize energy conservation without compromising functionality. Additionally, we incorporate cutting-edge smart home technologies, seamlessly integrating your home with modern conveniences. With Principles Electric, your custom-built home is a testament to innovation.

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  • Commercial Projects: We fuse cutting-edge smart technology, renewable energy solutions, and bespoke custom features. Through innovative applications, we integrate smart systems that optimize energy consumption, enhance security, and streamline operations. We prioritize sustainability by incorporating solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


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